Knowledge is key

Knowing your subscriber’s interactions with your email campaigns is crucial when following trends, optimizing and engaging your customers even more. Adding OS and IP capture enhances the ability of segmentation and use of custom tags within your campaigns opening infinite possibilities to your email marketing.

Optimizing Your Email Marketing To The Fullest

Express ‘Em equips you with powerful marketing tools that turns scaling your business more realistic. Simply set up campaigns based on your scheduling and come back to results. Tweak your campaigns based on real-time stats.

Save time with automation

Automate your workloads with Ease using Express 'Em. No need for a large marketing department to keep up with your email marketing. Express 'Em works even when your company is asleep and provides the necessary tools to get those professional results you crave.

Streamline your marketing

With advanced segmentation and real-time analytics, the possibilities are endless using Express 'Em.  Sending personalized tailored content to subscribers increases interactions with campaigns, and tweaking our campaign based on analytics optimizes and streamlines for maximum results. See how Express 'Em can make a difference in your email marketing. 

High Volume Sending

Finally, software that can keep up with your sending needs. As a powerhouse sender get that VIP treatment your company deserves with advanced tools, powerhouse discounts, and dedicated support. Growing your business shouldn't be difficult, and Express 'Em provides all the necessary tools and support you need to automate, optimize, and streamline your business to the max!

Dedicated sending and IP's

Dedicated sending allows for optimal performance for your sending needs. Offering advanced features such as Private IP's and IP Swapping provides the ability to stay in the inbox even when higher volume is sent.  Dedicated resources ensure your email marketing will be a fine tuned machine, without having to worry of sharing from other senders.  See why companies are switching to Express 'Em today.


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