What are blacklists and how to add or edit.

Blacklists within Express ‘Em are referred to suppression list(s) based on the subscriber’s requests. For example, if a subscriber requests to never receive content from you again, adding this subscriber to a blacklist will ensure they will never receive content from any future campaigns unless removed even if they are subscribed to multiple lists.

Let’s go over how to add subscribers to the blacklist.

  1. Log in to Express ‘Em portal
  2. On the left menu; click on “Lists” then within the sub-menu click on “Email Blacklist“.
  3. To create a new blacklist entry click on “Create” new. For bulk, blacklists click on “Import“.
  4. Fill email field out and reason for this subscriber to be added for your reference.
  5. There you have it if you repeat steps 1-2 you will be able to see an overview of all of your blacklist’s entries or imports. At any time any entry can be deleted or exported.

TIP: For blacklists imports, at least the email column should be within your CSV file. Make sure email is all capitalized within the column header (EMAIL). To import a reason for each simply have a second column with REASON within the column header.

If you have any questions call us at (877) 852-7737 or create a new support ticket.

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