Copy and Paste subscription form on…

Adding subscription forms to websites, social posts, and emails is a great tactic to further engage with subscribers on your turf or theirs.

If you have not created a subscriber list, check out this awesome article “How to create and import a list“. Assuming you already have your subscriber list created (even without subscribers) we can proceed.

  1. Log in to Express ‘Em’s Portal
  2. Click on “Lists” within the left menu area
  3. Click on “subscriber Lists” within the submenu area
  4. On your List Overview page, select the desired list by clicking the name or icon on the right of the subscriber list.
  5. Click on Forms/tools (third option).
  6. On top of this page labeled click on “Quick Links
  7. On the dropdown menu select “List Embedded Forms
  8. Under “Subscribe form‘ you will see an HTML version of your form and below that an Iframe version of the same form. Simply plug and play using an iframe for optimal results (copy and paste entire inner contents).

If you have any questions call us at (877) 852-7737 or create a new support ticket.

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