Shared vs Dedicated Sending.

Express ‘Em allows for bulk automated sending when it comes to your email marketing. How you send is based on the type of sending you are doing.

Dedicated Sending: Senders are equipt on dedicated sending server(s) and private IP’s that do not share resources (memory, disk space, IP’s, etc) to other senders using Express ‘Em.

Shared Sending: Lower tiered plans may entail shared sending experience that will share resources with other senders using Express ‘Em. Even though sending IP’s are shared end-users will see sent by and signed by If any other sender becomes blacklisted, your domain is not affected.

You can purchase dedicated IP’s on shared sending plans, in addition, add dedicated sending to any plan if not available during initial signup for an additional monthly cost.

To check if your Express ‘Em plan comes with dedicated sending, please check out the “Pricing Plans” detail section or contact us so we can better assist you.

If you have any questions call us at (877) 852-7737 or create a new support ticket.

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