How to create or import templates.

Templates can be used in conjunction with email campaigns. You can choose from drag and drop builder, Text editor, or HTML editor. We will also cover how to import HTML templates for those who may have had other working templates or even purchased/downloaded.

  1. Log in to Express ‘Em’s Portal
  2. Click on “Email Templates” within the left menu area
  3. Click on “Templates” within the submenu area.
  4. To create a new template using the Drag and Drop Editor click on “Create New (Drag&Drop)“. To use the basic text editor click on “Create New“.

To import HTML templates we first must check our structure! An Index.html must be within the root directory (not inside any folders). A folder labeled “Images” must also be present. After the structure is completed, ZIP file contents so the file has .ZIP file extension (WinRAR or 7ZIP is recommended). Check out this example of a sample import template. Unfortunately HTML imports are not compatible with Express ‘Em’s drag and drop builder, yet Express ‘Em’s simple and powerful text / HTML editor can be used to build as needed.

If you have any questions call us at (877) 852-7737 or create a new support ticket.

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