How to create and import a list.

Before you can import any subscribers you need to create a subscriber list to keep everything organized as well to include additional information for sending. 

Step 1: log in to Express ‘Em’s Portal.

Step 2: After logging into your Express ‘Em account locate “ Lists” on the left menu 

Step 2: Within the drop-down menu select “Create New

You can view all subscriber list by clicking  “All Lists”. If you have not created any subscriber lists before you will not see any active list(s). If you have created list(s) before, then you will see them on this page, where you can edit them, view statistics, etc. As shown below.

Step 3: Click on “Create New” within the top right section of your campaign overview.

Step 4: You should now see a page with a title of “Create new list”, and below some field that needs to be filled out in order to import subscribers. 

Helpful Tips: Subscriber Fields 

General Data

Name*: This name your subscribers will not see, this is to keep your subscriber list more organized. For example, if you have subscribers from New York you may name the subscriber list New York List. Please note that you can not make two subscriber list with the same name. For example, if we had two New York lists we may want to name one New York 001 and list number two New York 002. No limitations to naming your campaigns. Some clients prefer numerical or character-based names; any is allowed with Express ‘Em

Display Name: This is the name your subscribers will see on their end, you can be creative with this to appear more professional or how your company would like it to appear. If nothing is filled Express ‘Em will pull from the Defaults section.

Description: Adding some type of description helps when you have to go back to a subscriber list. Maybe these clients have paid services or are receiving a free newsletter, this would be a great section for any additional notes or just describing this subscriber list. 

Opt-In: You will see two options one for “single-opted in” when Express ‘Em will not send your end-user a welcome email when subscribed, and your second selection will show double-opted-in” that will send all subscribers who subscribe to your list receive a welcome email confirming their subscription, and any links they need to subscribe needed by CAN-SPAM act of 2003

Sub not found redirect: The URL you would like your end-user to be directed to if they are not found within your subscriber list. (Example: “Thanks for showing interest, but it seems you are not subscribed to our list. If you would like to be subscribed please click here”       ←– or something along the sorts 

Sub exists redirect: Works same as above yet if the subscriber is found in subscriber list after checking will redirect a URL specific for this subscriber.  

Sub required approval: This will put any subscriber that subscribes to your list in pending mode until you manually authorize to accept the subscription to your list. By default, this is selected to ‘no’ since most clients prefer this option. 


From Name: If nothing is selected in the general data section then Express ‘Em will pull your “from name” here. We recommend your name or business name, where some clients use department names to ensure the end-user knows who the email came from. 

From email: This is what your subscriber will see when viewing your email campaign. Please note that you do not need to provide an active email address here meaning you can label your email address whatever you want (example: [email protected]). The domain must be verified in order to send meaning or can not be done without producing verification error. 

Reply-to: This section is required and a valid email address should be provided in case your subscriber wants to reply to your mail. Only use real email addresses within this field, if a subscriber were to reply to a nonactive email, an error would ping back as ‘user not found.”

Subject: The subject that your subscriber will see when they receive your email. Choose your words wisely and remember to test your spam score before sending for the best results. 


This section is for you, any notifications from this list you will need to provide email addresses if you wish to receive notifications on interactions your campaigns have based on this list. You can select both sections to “NO”  and you will not be required to fill out the email address fields yet this is required if you select one or both of them to “YES”. 

Subscriber Actions:

 This is where you can get creative with your email campaigns. For instance, if a subscriber opens your email then they can be moved to another list you may have (example moved to interactive subscribers). If a subscriber unsubscribes then you can automatically choose to delete or move to another list you may have.

Company Details (defaults to account company)

Within this section, all fields below are required to be filled and to be posted at the footer of each email that is sent (CAN-SPAM act 2003). If any fields are blank Expres ‘Em will pull from your account info’s section “Company Info”. 

If you have any questions call us at (877) 852-7737 or create a new support ticket.

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