How to copy, edit, or sync subscribers.

What you can do to subscriber data is endless with Express ‘Em. Let’s cover how to copy, edit, and or sync our subscribers into other sub-lists based on interactions or manual changes.

If you do not have a subscriber list already, check out this awesome article “How to create and import a list‘. It’s helpful to have at least two lists to work with, yet Express ‘Em can handle multiple list integrations.

  1. Log in to Express ‘Em Portal
  2. Click on ‘Lists” within the left menu area
  3. Click on “Power Tools” within the submenu area
  4. Within the Power Tools section, you will have two options. One being “Syncer” and the other being “Splitter“.
  • Syncer: Select a primary list to sync with a secondary list. Actions are taken based on subscriber’s interactions that can be configured below with options from no action to copy, replace, and more within the secondary list.
  • Splitter: Allows you to split a big list into multiple smaller ones. Please note that subscribers from the selected list will be moved into new lists, not copied. Select the desired list, enter the number of sub-lists to generate, and select how many subscribers to move at once. Click “Split” when completed.

If you have any questions call us at (877) 852-7737 or create a new support ticket.

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