How to be GDPR compliant.

You may have heard of GDPR or also known as the General Data Privacy Protection act of 2018 (Europe). Now, to start off not all need to comply. If you know you will never send content to anyone located within the European region you can skip this whole article. We recommend getting GDPR compliant just to be on the safe side because non-compliance can be costly.

Check out the official GDPR guidelines and other helpful information.

Fines can vary from a few thousand up to $20,000,000 in fines (typically 4% of global annual turnover of your company) if found in violation of GDPR.

In a nutshell, GDPR requires you to:

  1. Provide unsubscribe or data exports within 72 hours to subscribers.
  2. Get Consent for Data Collection, Retention & Erasure (adding checkbox to subscription forms complies)
  3. Notify subscribers within 72 hours of any data breach that could compromise their account data.

We can not provide legal advice here at Express ‘Em but, provide you helpful information that can help you get compliant much faster.

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