Basic rules and restrictions in promotional sending.

Sending with Express ‘Em can be rewarding as well as fun to many of our users. In order to upkeep our platform, some basic rules and restrictions are in place due to federal and international privacy and data laws. It comes down to ethical sending as well as knowing requirements for commercial sending.

The CAN-SPAM ACT of 2013, requires a sender to post full company name, full company address, and unsubscribe URL. Sending only to those who have confirmed subscription from you.

  • Using [COMPANY_NAME] will generate your company name
  • Using [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS] will generate your company address.
  • Using [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] will generate an unsubscribe URL. This can also be linked (unsubscribe)

Header information. The header information in your messages must not be false or misleading. This includes the information in the message’s “From,” “To,” and “Reply-To” fields as well as the routing information. In other words, your messages should accurately identify both the person and business that initiated the message. Furthermore, the header information should include the originating domain (which is typically your business’ web domain) and real email address.

Subject line. The subject line of your email messages must reflect the true content of the message. Don’t try to conceal what the message is about with a clever subject line. Instead, the subject line should clearly explain what the recipient will get when they open the message. Both inaccurate and vague subject lines could get you in trouble.

Ad disclosure. You must identify that the message is an ad or promotional in nature. The good news is that the CAN-SPAM Act provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you disclose this information. The most important thing to understand is that somewhere in your message, you must conspicuously explain that your message is promotional (even if it’s indirectly promotional) or an advertisement. Leave no room for confusion here.

The General DATA PrivacyRegulation(GDPR) requires senders to provide written consent from subscribers knowing their data will be stored on your servers and confirm the submission of data (checkbox on subscription page works here). The ability to provide an export of account data, in addition, to delete data within a 72-hour time frame or less. All of this is available with Express ‘Em.

Express ‘Em allows for a 0.1% spam complaint rate to due regulations so 1 for every 1000. Having 2 out of 2000 report spam may trigger a greylist or blacklist. It’s best to only send to those who have confirmed subscription since they would be the most interactive.

Please check out our Terms of Sevice, Privacy Policy, Content Policy, and API Policy for a complete overview of how we protect your data as well as terms and policies that must be followed so we can offer Express ‘Em to those just like you and much more.

If you have any questions call us at (800) 511-8628 or create a new support ticket.

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