Must Need Industry Features

Automated email marketing solution providing endless possibilities. From real-time reporting, contact tracking, drag and drop editor, segments, and much more. Known to increase sales and traffic, all around the number one solution for automated email marketing.

Automation Flow

Automate your email marketing with Express 'Em. Auto send campaigns based on segments and tags to offer that bulk yet personalized feel to subscribers. Optimize your sending with Time-warp, send to subscribers time zone to increase open and click rates. Tweak campaigns during sending or sit back and watch those results you crave come in.

Automate Sending

Auto send campaigns and replies based on segments and tags.

Time Specific

Send based on your subscriber's time zone.


Auto reply to subscribers who engage with your campaigns. Send that special offer their way.

Save Time

Get those same professional results you crave in less time with automation.

24/7 Sending

Interacting and sending insights back for further optimizing 24/7/365

Copy, Move, or Unsubscribe

Automatically move or copy subscribers based on segments including auto unsubscribes.

Drag & Drop Builder

Build beautiful content within minutes using Express 'Em drag and drop email builder. Simply drag, drop, and click to edit away. Save templates for future use or start from scratch. Those with HTML templates can easily edit away by switching to HTML editor. All custom tags available for campaigns will be shown to easily incorporated into templates.


Deliver more relevant email marketing to subscribers based on their geographic location, interests, purchase history, and much more. Segments are created to cater specifically to each different email list and that list’s independent interests, rather than creating one mass message for all. Bulk sending just got personal.

Surveys & Feedback

Gain valuable insights with feedback from your subscribers. Find out if your content could be better to keep dishing it how they like it. Integrate with websites and other 3rd party apps to optimize to the max.

Custom {Tags}

Use custom tags to insert personalized or dynamic content from your audience into the campaigns you send. The time to get personal is now!